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Learn Armenian for free by applying yourself at your own pace this interactive version of the audiovisual method operated in the «WESTERN ARMENIAN HANDBOOK FOR NON-ARMENIAN SPEAKERS» created by Dr. Hilda Kalfayan-Panossian (University of Paris Sorbonne).

The three books and CDs of the Handbook are still available for sale.

Full success is expected considering the remarkable results happening for years by using the «Handbook».

«The Western Armenian Handbook for non-Armenian speakers of Mrs. Hilda Kalfayan-panossian is the first application of a new skill and a theoretical reflexion for the benefit of the Armenian language.» ... «The teaching of Armenian can no longer stay away from an innovation that has revolutionised the teaching of other living languages» (Preface of Professor Jean-Pierre Mahé). Read more.

«…It is the indispensable tool for the discovery of the language and the progressive acquisition of its elementary structures.» (Analysis of Annie Pilibossian) Read more.

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