Lesson 2a

— This is a dog. His name is Janik. 


Ani : What is this ? Is this the kid ?

Aram : This is a dog.

Ani : This is Janik : he is my dog. His name is Janik.

Aram : Janik, this is a kid. Do you like the kid ?

The dog : Yes, I like the kid. He is my friend. His name is Maral.

Ani : And this one is a donkey. He is my sweet and pretty donkey. And here is the mouse. She is my friend.

Aram : Ani ! It is one o'clock. It is late. 


Աս -  Demonstrative adjective - This, that  

Մըն = Indefinite Article (before ''է'' = a,  an)- Շուն մըն է (This is a dog)

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