Lesson 5b

— Aram came from the mountains and went to the island. 


Ani : Mummy, is Aram in the garden ?

Mummy : Aram came from the mountains and went to the island. Go there too.

Ani : No, I don't want to.

Mummy : Why ? Go and play with Aram.

Ani : Where is the island ?

Mummy : Over there. On the island, there is a little house and, beyond, there are trees.

Ani : What is there in the house ? 

Mummy : I don't know. Go and see. Run ! 


* *


Ani : Aram, I came.

Aram : You were right, Ani. Come upstairs.

Ani : Aram, my heart is beating : pit-a-pat...

Aram : Don't be afraid ! Look ! In this room, there are weapons.

Ani : Is this Vartan the Courageous's sword ?

Aram : I don't know. Perhaps. 


Սարերէն – Ablative case, Plural -From the mountains

Ո՞ւր - Interrogative word – Where ? 

Չեմ ուզեր,  չեմ գիտեր -Various Verbs-Indic.Present tense, Negative form– I don’t want (See more - 32)

Այս, այդ, այն= Աս  = Demonstrative adjectives- This, that, these 

Գնա՛, խաղա՛= Imperative of the verbs (See more - Բ)


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